30 Days of Writing: Day 18

Favorite antagonist and why!

Gaius from The Continet! He’s the main character Liv’s younger brother. The two are on completely opposite ends of the political spectrum–Liv is anti-Continent, Gaius pro. They operated on different sides when the treaty was signed, and ten years after the face, still continue to.

Gaius isn’t necessarily a bad guy. We see him primarily from Liv’s point of view, and Liv sees his brother as a traitor not only to his country but to his family. Of course, Gaius sees Liv as a fool…

I like Gaius as an antagonist because he isn’t a cackling madman. He is, in the eyes of most of the populace, a hero, a good man, just as many see Liv as a trouble maker. I’m trying to blur the line between protagonist and antagonist a bit, but Gaius is definitely the primary force against Liv.

Given the number of posts I’ve written regarding The Continent, I should really just buckle down and write that story.


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